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Castles of Wales Website

The Castles of Wales website is grateful that certain Internet organizations, both online and in print, have taken notice of our effort to provide information about medieval Wales to a growing online community. Below is a brief listings of individuals and organizations who have commented favorably on our efforts here over the years.


BBC Wales. Jeffrey L Thomas takes you on a tour of Wales's staggering number of well known and lesser known castles, outlining the history and structure of each one and illustrated with his own splendid photographs.

Guardian Newspapers Limited. Even the most obscure of Wales' castles are enlivened by this site, which brings together excellent pictures, history and maps to create a wonderfully detailed online guide.

The D-Lib Forum (based at the Corporation For National Research Initiatives)

This award winning educational site has been commended by organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, including the BBC Wales and Britannica Online. Thorough, informative, and colorful, the Castles of Wales is indisputably the best site about castles on the Net.

Encyclopaedia Britannica/Britannica.com - Comments: Our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability.

Information on more than 400 medieval castles and abbeys in Wales. Contains descriptions and images of Welsh castles, profiles of their builders, historical essays, a glossary of terms, reference materials and bibliographies, FAQs about Wales, and a directory of links on the Welsh language, history and literature, and finding accommodations in a Welsh castle. A Welsh-language version is also available.

Planet Rider - The Best Travel Web Sites "Scholarly historical essays, loads of professional photos, music, blueprints--what more could you hope for? "

Lycos Web Reviews: Rewards are big for venturing into this exhaustive study of Welsh royal edifices -- a castle's castle.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Home User: an overview of Welsh medieval history, and a variety of very useful maps with links embedded. Check out the fascinating Castle of the Month articles.

Scout Report for Social Sciences: A terrific site that has something for everyone interested in castles or medieval Welsh history.

CNET Best of the Web: "Kudos for crafting an enduring set of history pages" April 1997.

The Education Index Award "one of the best education-related resources on the Internet"

Excite Web Guide: "a tour through these medieval wonders, bringing them to life with maps, architectural info, and character sketches. "

WEB NOW: 500 Top-Rated Web Sites: Ranked #1 in travel category

Yahoo! Internet Life: 4-Star, Best Medieval Site, December 1996

IBM Internet Connection: "indisputably the best site about castles on the Net."

NetGuide Best of the Net: "fascinating tidbits of castle lore"

Medaille d'Or Award: "This is a site that rewards exploration almost as much as its subject matter"

NetUser: 5-Star Site: June 1996 & February 1997

"Having once visited Wales, I can personally vouch for the beauty of the country. Unfortunately, in the short time I spent there many years ago, I was only able to visit one castle. Now the Castles of Wales site has remedied my oversight. Created by Jeff Thomas, the site offers virtual visits to over 170 Welsh castles, containing not only photographs of medieval castles of the country but also a wealth of information about their history and construction. From the grand Chepstow Castle in the southeast to the beautiful Beaumaris Castle on the Isle of Anglesey to the hidden ruins of Ewloe Castle in the north, this site covers a lot of turrets. Each castle receives a detailed writeup and often personal notes about Thomas' own visits. You'll also find a detailed digital tour of Dolwyddelan Castle in Snowdonia, which was of strategic importance to the princes of the 13th Century. The tour includes, for example, a detailed history of the building, aerial views, photographs from its keep, and a drawing of what the castle looked like 700 years ago. There are also numerous articles including historical overviews of Norman, Welsh, and Edwardian castles and castle builders, as well as pieces about motte and bailey castles and castle siegecraft (so that you'll understand why so many of them are in ruin today). Thorough, informative, and colorful, the Castles of Wales is indisputably the best site about castles on the Net."

John R. Quain
IBM Internet Connection
Tuesday, November 5, 1996

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