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Owain Glyndwr

Glyndyfrdwy & Pilleth

Photograph of Glyndyfrdwy copyright 2006 by Jeffrey L. Thomas
Photographs of Pilleth copyright 1997 by Vicky Newell

Below you will find photographs of sites that are associated with Welsh patriot Owain Glyndwr. The first two photos show Owain Glyndwr's Mount, near Glyndyfrdwy. The tree-covered mound is reputed to be the site of Glyndwr's house, where he raised his standard of revolt against the English in Wales on 16 September 1400. Two different views of the mound are shown. Author Ralph Maud, writing in his book Guide to Welsh Wales says that the site of the house is not absolutely certain, but September 16th "will no doubt (one day) become recognized as a national holiday in Wales."


One of Glyndwr's most important early successes was his victory at Pilleth where he met and defeated an army led by Edmund Mortimer (his future son-in-law). The battle took place on St Alban's day, 22 June 1402 reportedly on a hillside known as Bryn Glas, just to the left of the church shown in the photo below left. Again, according to Ralph Maud it is more likely that "the battle took place nearby on the flats behind the river Lugg." Mortimer was captured and eventually became an important ally of Glyndwr. Bodies of those slain in battle were brought to the church burial ground, "to be discovered by a plowman five hundred years later" (Maud). The tall trees in the photo to the right indicate the location of the mass grave.



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