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For convenience our main castle index is arranged alphabetically with a hyperlink from the top menu to specific letters of the alphabet. The amount of information and number of photographs vary for each castle listed and not all of the castles listed below are found in Wales. Some are the Marcher castles found on the Norman side of the Anglo-Welsh border, often constructed specifically to help control this  volatile and much-contested region. The conditions of castles listed herein vary greatly from nearly-complete fortresses to those with scant remains, and others that can only be identified by their surviving earthworks. Nevertheless, some of these "vanished castles" were significant and played important roles in both the conquest of Wales and/or the defense of Wales by her native rulers. As a supplement to this index we also offer a more complete Welsh Castle Database which includes over 400 known castles and castle sites in Wales and the Marches.

A small Welsh flag icon  indicates an "editor's choice" castle, recommended due to the site's impressive remains, historical significance, or dramatic setting. Castles with a small camera icon  provide multiple high-quality, large photographs of the listed site. 


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Name Builders Photos Comments
Aberdyfi Castle Welsh Yes founded by The Lord Rhys in 1156 in response to a threat to his lands from the north.
Aberedw Castles Norman there are two castles here from the 12th & 13th centuries; recommended motte castle.
Abergavenny Castle Norman Yes the "Massacre of Abergavenny" took place here in 1175.
Aberlleiniog Motte Norman Yes Norman castle built by Hugh de Avranches.
Aberllynfi Castle Norman No mentioned in documents of the period 1180-1211.
Aberrheidol Castle Norman No forerunner to Aberystwyth Castle raised by Gilbert de Clare.
Aberyscir Castle Norman No Built during the reign of Henry I. No know history.
Aberystwyth Castle Norman Norman castle built by Gilbert de Clare. Rebuilt by Edward I
Acton Burnell Castle Norman Yes Folly castle replaced the original.
Alberbury Castle Norman Yes Marcher castle. Origins uncertain.
Alexanderstone Mottes Norman Yes no known history.
Castell Allt-y-Ferin Norman No possibly raised by Gilbert de Clare in 1145.
Ammanford Castle Uncertain Yes motte and bailey castle.
Angle Tower House Norman single-tower fortified residence.
Aston Castle Norman Yes original castle was a 12th century motte and bailey.


Tomen y Bala Welsh Yes likely to have been the maerdref or administrative center of the commote of Tryweryn.
Ballan Moor Castle Norman Yes low lying motte and bailey that may have been the creation of the Ballon family in c1086-1106.
Barry Castle Norman Yes small, two-storey gatehouse and adjacent walls are all that remain of this castle.
Basingwerk Castle Norman Yes earthwork castle probably built by the Normans in the eleventh or early twelfth century.
Beaumaris Castle Norman picturesque, mighty fortress located on Isle of Anglesey built by Edward I. One of the best.
Beaupre Castle Norman castle rebuilt as a Tudor fortified manor house by the Bassett family.
Benton Castle Norman No small enclosure castle with a round keep; no known history.
Bicton Castle Norman Yes eroded motte and earthwork located in Shropshire; damaged and difficult to interpret. 
Bishop's Castle Norman Yes motte castle, probably originating from the 12th century; fragments can be seen near the Castle Hotel.
Bishop's Moat Norman Yes motte castle founded by the Bishop of Hereford around 1120.
Blaenllynfi Castle Norman Yes originally part of the Fitz Herbert Barony of 1208, little remains today.
Castell y Blaidd Norman No Castell y Blaidd is a strong ringwork castle, although no reference to it survives. 
Bleddfa Castle Norman Yes overgrown motte and small bailey lie SE of the church, beside a stream. 
Brecon Castle Norman originally a motte and bailey castle, substantial masonry survives today.
Broadward Hall Norman Yes motte castle, situated within the flood plain of the River Clun in Shropshire
Brockhurst Castle Norman Yes  motte castle located in Shropshire mentioned in the records in 1156 during the reign of Henry II.
Brompton Mill Castle Norman Yes well preserved conical motte in Shropshire typical of the Welsh Marches. 
Bronllys Castle Norman Yes the motte castle still dominates this site with the mound solidly supporting a stone keep.
Bryn Castell Norman Yes small motte castle overlooking the site of the modern road bridge across the Conwy.
Bryn-y-Cwn Castle Norman Yes large motte located about 1 mile north of Flint; no recorded history.
Brynffanigl Ucha Welsh Yes small earthwork castle possibly constructed by a medieval Welsh lord Ednyfed Fychan. 
Builth Castle Norman large medieval castle with substantial earthwork remains; recommended textbook motte.


Caer Beris Motte Norman Yes late 11th century Norman castle associated with the Braose family. 
Caer Penrhos Welsh No ringwork castle built on the site of an Iron Age hillfort, possibly by Lord Cadwaladr.
Caerau Castle Norman Yes another motte-and-bailey castle placed within an Iron Age hillfort.
Castle Caereinion Welsh No grassy mound  built by Madog ap Maredudd of Powys in 1156.
Caergwrle Castle Welsh masonry castle likely first built by Dafydd ap Gruffydd.
Caerleon Castle Norman Yes Norman invaders used this site for a steep motte castle built in 1085.
Caernarfon Castle Norman Edward I's well-preserved, impressive castle is one of the best in Wales.
Caerphilly Castle Norman Gilbert de Clare's military masterpiece was ahead of its time and changed castle construction.
Caldicot Castle Norman substantial masonry castle probably built circa 1221 by Humphrey de Bohun.
Camrose Castle Norman No Norman motte castle visited by William the Conqueror.
Candleston Castle Norman Yes fortified manor house built in the later 14th century; substantial masonry remains.
Cardiff Castle Norman Yes original motte and bailey survives inside an earlier Roman wall; impressive Victorian-era additions.
Cardigan Castle Both original Norman castle was captured in 1171 by Rhys ap Tewdwr (The Lord Rhys) and rebuilt.
Cardigan Old Castle Norman Yes First castle at Cardigan sits on a low cliff adjacent to the river, providing an effective defensive barrier.
Carew Castle Norman original castle rebuilt and replaced by a beautiful late-medieval-Tudor masterpiece. 
Carmarthen Castle Norman Norman built, captured/destroyed by the Welsh, rebuilt; substantial tower and curtain wall remains.
Carn Fadryn Castle Welsh early Welsh hillfort with stone wall and huts; Built by the sons of Owain Gwynedd.
Carndochan Castle Welsh Yes ruined castle similar to Castell-y-Bere; mostly rubble but Welsh D-towers are still evident.
Carreghofa Castle Norman No castle changed hands (norman-Welsh) several times before Carreghofa Hall was built on the site. 
Carreg Cennen Castle Norman substantial Welsh castle situated in spectacular countryside. One of the best and a must-visit.
Castell y Bere Welsh remains are less substantial but this is an historic castle set in a spectacular Welsh landscape.
Castlebythe Castle Norman Yes small motte-and-bailey castle in the village of the same name; motte survives.
Caus Castle Norman Yes motte castle located in Shropshire; motte w/traces of a stone tower remain.
Cefnllys Castle Norman substantial, impressive stone hilltop castle built by Roger Mortimer; little stone remains. 
Chepstow Castle Norman historic, substantial stone castle built by William FitzOsbern. Another must-see Welsh castle.
Chester Castle Norman Yes early motte-and-bailey (1069-70) later rebuilt as a substantial stone fortress. 
Chirk Castle Norman late 13th century substantial, beautiful castle set in stunning gardens.
Cilgerran Castle Norman Yes substantial stone castle with strong walls and towers. Much fought-over fortress.
Clifford Castle Norman motte castle overlooking the River Wye in Herefordshire; stone keep and low walls survive.
Clun Castle Norman stone remnants of a keep and towers top this motte castle in Shropshire.
Clungunford Castle Norman Yes small motte/earthwork castle in Shropshire. Possibly a knights holding.
Clyro Castle Norman Yes overgrown motte with traces of a curtain wall; site is difficult to access/interpret.
Castell Coch, Brecon Both? Yes ruined castle with poor masonry remains makes this site difficult to interpret. 
Castell Coch, Cardiff Welsh Yes Victorian folly castle built on top of an earlier, small Welsh castle. Very popular with tourists. 
Coity Castle Both Yes originally Welsh Coity was ceded to the Norman Payn de Turberville and rebuilt in stone.
Colwyn Castles Norman Yes damaged ringwork castle on private land.
Conwy Castle Norman magnificent castle of Edward I in north Wales; another must-see castle set in a beautiful location.
Cottrell Castle Norman Yes motte castle now situated on a golf course; tree-clad motte remains.
Criccieth Castle Welsh built by Llywelyn the Great; rebuilt/strengthened by Edward I. Beautiful coastal location. 
Crickadarn Ringwork Norman damaged D-shaped ringwork lying just west of the church in the village; no known history.
Crickhowell Castle Norman little remains of this large stone fortress: motte and one stone tower are still impressive.
Croft Castle Norman original earthen ringwork castle rebuilt as an impressive fortified manor in Herefordshire.
Crugyn Castle Norman Yes eroded motte castle built in either the 11th or 12th centuries in Shropshire.
Castell Crug Eryr Welsh Yes minor motte and bailey castle built on a commanding hill in Radnorshire
Castell Crychydd Welsh? No only fragments remain of a small castle, aka Heron's Castle; no recorded history.
Cwm Camlais Castle Welsh Yes small castle built by Llywelyn the Great; motte with some masonry survives.
Cymer Castle Welsh a tree-covered motte survives topped by a stone keep.
Castell Cynfael Welsh timber castle; tree-covered motte survives along with surrounding ditches or bailey.


Dale Castle Norman Yes early medieval castle was incorporated into the present house; not open to the public.
Tomen Ddreiniog Norman Yes small Norman castle with surviving motte; no known history.
Deganwy Castle Welsh large castle captured and rebuilt by the English; masonry remains scattered over two hills.
Denbigh Castle Norman Edward I castle w/substantial remains and nearly complete town wall, the highlight here.
Deudraeth Castle Welsh No mentioned by Gerald of Wales in 1188; early Welsh stone castle near Portmeirion. Little remains.
Dinas Castle Norman hilltop castle with a large bailey, stone keep, walls and towers now greatly reduced. Spectacular setting.
Didley Castle Norman Yes motte-and-bailey castle in Herefordshire; worn motte survives. No known history.
Castell Dinas Bran Welsh castle built on an Iron Age Hillfort; spectacular views from the summit. Scant remains but worth the climb!
Dinas Emrys Castle Welsh Yes stronghold (castle?) likely built by Llywelyn ap Iorwerth; only ruined rubble at the site
Dinas Powys Castle Both? No former hillfort fortified and re-fortified; site is overgrown and some masonry walls remain.
Dinefwr Castle Welsh important Welsh castle built by Rhys ap Gruffydd; substantial remains overlooking the Tywi valley. 
Castell Dinerth Norman No motte-and-bailey built by the de Clare family around 1110; ruined site covered by trees.
Dingestow Castle Norman Yes large motte survives and is still impressive; replaced by a later stone castle.
Dinham Castle Norman Yes overgrown site near Chepstow; some fragments of masonry, built by the lords of Llanvair Discoed.
Dolbadarn Castle Welsh historic Welsh castle set in the heart of Snowdonia, still dominated by its impressive round keep.
Dolbenmaen Motte Welsh? an impressive tree-clad motte survives along with a western ditch close to St. Mary's church.
Dolforwyn Castle Welsh important stronghold built by Llywelyn ap Gruffydd; large castle with substantial masonry remains.
Dolwyddelan Castle Welsh historically important castle associated with Llywelyn ap Iorwerth in the heart of Snowdonia. Beautiful.
Domen Las Castle Norman Norman motte castle associated with Welsh patriot Owain Glyndwr. Eroded motte, bailey, and ditches survive.
Dorstone Castle Norman Yes motte castle likely built in the 12th century; tree-clad motte survives.
Dryslwyn Castle Welsh historic large castle built by Rhys ap Gruffydd set in a commanding position. Stunning location. 
Castell Du Welsh? Yes fragments of the south wall of a courtyard with a projecting round tower are all that remain. 
Dyserth Castle Norman Yes large castle perched on a cliff has all but vanished today; difficult to find.


Eardisley Castle Norman Yes small motte-and-bailey castle surrounded by a small steam-fed moat; motte survives
East Orchard Castle Norman Yes residence of the Berkerolles family this was more likely a fortified manor house.
Ednyfed's Castle Welsh Yes (aka Bryn Euryn) castle site uncertain; the remains visible today are of a later fortified manor house.
Ewloe Castle Welsh smaller castle built by Llywelyn ap Gruffydd; classic Welsh D-towers; beautiful location.
Castell Fartin Norman Yes small earthwork castle set inside an Iron Age fort; D-shaped tower and enclosure still evident.
Flint Castle Norman Yes more ruined than other Edwardian castles, this historic site still features masonry towers and walls.
Fforest Ringwork Norman Yes possible ringwork/enclosure castle; disputed site.
Fonmon Castle Norman Yes built by the St. John family in the early 13th century, the castle survives as a stately home.
Glamorgan & Gower Norman No a list of lesser-known castle sites in Glamorgan and Gower.
Castell Glas Norman Yes remains of a low motte, formerly associated with some masonry.
Glyndyfrdwy Welsh historic ancestral home of Owain Glyndwr: a commanding motte and large baily survive.
Goodrich Castle Norman Yes impressive Marcher castle with substantial remains; keep dates from the twelfth century.
Greencastle Castle Norman Yes two castles here; a masonry castle with surviving remains replaced an earlier motte castle.
Gro Tump Norman Yes large motte-and-bailey castle with surviving earthworks; built by Roger de Montgomery in the 1080s.
Grosmont Castle Norman smaller stone castle dating from the early 12th century; substantial remains. 
Guan Gunllwch Norman Yes ringwork castle above Crickardarn in Powys; no known history.
Castell Gwallter Norman Yes motte-and-bailey castle found next to a church; motte, bailey and ditch survive.
Upper Gwarthlow Norman Yes motte castle located in Shropshire; no traces of a bailey or ditch.
Gwent: Minor Castles Welsh No vanished castles documented in the old Welsh kingdom of Gwent.
Gwrych Castle Norman Yes ruined folly was built on the remains of an earlier Norman castle; no access allowed.
Gwydir Castle Norman Yes fortified manor house with elements that may date from the Middle Ages. 


Harlech Castle Norman Considered one of Europe's great castles, Harlech is a masterpiece of strength and engineering.
Haverfordwest Castle Norman built by Gilbert de Clare with substantial remains. Converted to a prison in the 18th century.
Hawarden Castle Norman Yes impressive motte with its stone keep still dominates this site; castle replaced an earlier motte.
Hay-on-Wye Castle Norman substantial castle survives, remodelled into a fortified manor house.
Hay-on-Wye Motte Norman Yes this still impressive motte dating from the 12th century lies next to St. Mary's church in the town.
Hays Castle Norman Yes flat-top, eroded motte-and-bailey castle; no known history.
Hen Blas Castle Norman No earthworks of an inner ward and large enclosure remain; no known history.
Hen Domen Castle Norman "Old Montgomery" Castle with substantial motte and earthworks remaining; historically significant.
Henry's Moat Norman Yes smaller Norman motte castle dating from the 11th century; damaged motte survives.
Holt Castle Norman Yes once a large and impressive, Holt is now overgrown and has been reduced by quarrying.
Hopton Castle Norman impressive stone keep resting on a mound still dominates this site in Shropshire. 
Huntington Castle Norman Yes earthworks overgrown fragments are all that remain of this Herefordshire castle.
Hyssington Castle Norman Yes slight earthworks and traces of masonry are all that remain of this castle.


Kenfig Castle Norman Yes once important Norman castle now reduced to masonry fragments.
Kerry Motte Welsh No small motte castle with a kidney shaped bailey; slight earthworks survive
Kidwelly Castle Norman one of the most complete and impressive castles in Wales; a textbook of castle development.
Kilpeck Castle & Church Norman Yes ruined masonry castle lies next to a Medieval church; the church here is very impressive.
Kington Castle Norman Yes some earthworks survive next to a Medieval church on an impressive elevated position;  
Kinnersley Castle Norman Yes Later house incorporates masonary from the fortified medieval residence of the Kinnersley family.
Knighton Castle Norman Yes small motte castle with some masonry remain.
Knucklas Castle Norman masonry fragments and impressive earthworks remain at this site. Beautiful location.


Lampeter Castle Norman Yes motte located on the grounds of the university may be an early motte; disputed site.
Landimore Castle Norman Yes fortified manor house of the Gower; site overgrown; fragments of walls remain
Laugharne Castle Norman restored castle and gardens overlooking the Taf estuary; originally an earthwork.
Liege Castle Norman Yes eroded motte castle with moat; slight remains survive; aka Castell Moel.
Llanblethian Castle Norman Yes a strong gatehouse, earthworks and stone walls remain at this de Clare family castle.
Llancarfan Castle Norman Yes This early castle is a worn down ringwork and bailey not to be confused with nearby Liege Castle
Llanafan Fawr Castle Norman multi-period site with a possible ringwork castle; interesting medieval church is nearby.
Llandaff Castle Norman No medieval castle converted to a Bishop's palace. Gatehouse, towers and low walls remain. 
Llandeilo Talybont Norman Yes a large reduced motte survives next to the M4 motorway; not accessible.
Llandovery Castle Norman fragments of the gatehouse and a tower still crown this impressive motte in the town.
Llanfair Kilgeddin Castle Norman Yes a small motte with a defensive ditch survives next to a farm.
Llangadog Castle Norman an imposing tree-covered motte and horseshoe-shaped bailey survives here.
Llangathen Castle Welsh No this small motte, now badly ruined, was likely built by Rhys ap Gruffydd
Llangibby Castle Norman Yes original motte and bailey survives; later castle nearby has fragmentary masonry remains. 
Llangynwyd Castle Norman Yes damaged circular mound, deep ditch, and some low masonry ruins survive. 
Llanhilleth Castle Norman Yes two castles here; mounds with some rubble masonry; disputed site.
Llanidloes Castle Norman No motte-and-bailey castle; bailey is now occupied by modern buildings.
Llanilid Castle Norman No raised ringwork consisting of a circular mound with a tree-clad rampart around the summit.
Llanquian Castle Norman Yes overgrown ringwork with traces of a masonry and a hall-block raised above a vaulted cellar.
Llansteffan Castle Norman Yes well-preserved, large castle set on a commanding hill; the Great Gatehouse is still impressive.
Llanthomas Castle Mound Norman? Yes damaged and worn down motte 24m in diameter and 3.5m high. No known history.
Llantrisant Castle Norman Yes 13th century castle built by by Richard de Clare; a large ruined tower survives.
Llanvair Castle Norman Yes parts of two round towers and a gatehouse survive; overgrown and access is difficult.
Llawhaden Castle Norman Yes substantial walls and towers survive; castle associated with the Bishops of St. Davids
Longtown Castle, Norman Yes classic motte-and-bailey castle with remains of the keep and gatehouse.
Loughor Castle Norman Yes large two-story tower and footings survive on a hill near Swansea.
Lower Down Castle Norman Yes an early motte castle survives here; damaged motte and banks still visible.
Ludlow Castle Norman substantial, historic, and nearly-complete castle; beautiful Norman Chapel occupies the bailey.
Lyonshall Castle Norman Yes only fragments remain of this earthwork enclosure castle.


Castell Machen Both earliest castle was Welsh; later additions by the Normans; very slight masonry remains.
Castle Madoc Norman No a 16th-century house now occupies most of the site of the original castle.
Castell Mael Welsh? Yes possibly a Welsh enclosure castle captured by the Normans; earthworks are now overgrown.
Manorbier Castle Norman historic, substantial, and beautiful castle associated with Gerald of Wales; iconic gatehouse entrance.
Mathrafal Castle Welsh Yes the original capital of the Princes of Powys; traces of the motte and bailey survive.
Castell Moel ?????? Yes original motte-and-bailey lies next to a later manor house; history and origin are uncertain.
Moel Froehas Castle Norman? impressive motte and earthworks survive; no known history.
Mold Castle Norman Yes large motte survives opposite a 15th-century church in the town.
Monmouth Castle Norman Yes a small portion of wall and towers are all that remain of this once important castle.
Monnow Bridge and Gate Norman Yes rare remaining mediaeval fortified river bridge in Monmouth.
Montgomery Castle Norman strongly sited castle with substantial remains outside the town; strategic and beautiful location.
Montgomeryshire Mottes Norman No lesser-known, mostly early mottes in Montgomeryshire. 
Castell Morgraig Norman Yes once a strong castle with multiple towers, today only fragmentary remains survive. 
Morlais Castle Norman castle built by Gilbert de Clare on top of an steep iron age hillfort; fragments remain.
Castle Morris Norman Yes overgrown earth and timber motte-and-bailey; kidney shaped outer the bailey.


Castell Nantcribba Norman No stone wall remain on the hill top, and probably enclosed an area; largely destroyed.
Narberth Castle Norman Yes overgrown masonry walls and towers survive along with a vaulted cellar.
Neath Castle Norman Yes strong gatehouse and the fronts of some towers remain of this otherwise ruined castle.
Nefyn Castle Norman No there was a castle here but the existence of any remains is disputed.
Nevern Castle Welsh historic castle built by Rhys ap Gruffydd; motte, earthworks and low masonry survives.
New Radnor Castle Norman still substantial motte overlooking the town; magnificent views from the summit.
Newcastle Castle Norman Yes substantial, impressive gatehouse and curtain wall survives here.
Newcastle Emlyn Castle Welsh Yes small castle with fragmentary walls and towers remaining; likely built by Maredudd ap Rhys 
Newport Castle, Newport Norman the still impressive east facade of the castle is all that remains.
Newport Castle, Pemb Norman Yes gatehouse flanked by two stone towers, a D-shaped tower, and part of a chapel survive.
Newtown Motte Norman Yes overgrown earthwork castle featuring a flat top motte surrounded by a ditch.


Ogmore Castle Norman beautifully situated castle in south Wales; fragments of towers, walls, and buildings survive. 
Old Radnor Norman a well-defined ringwork castle with a platform and ditches survives next to the church.
Oxwich Castle Norman Yes original castle replaced by a magnificent Tudor mansion, most of which survives.
Oswestry Castle Norman No late 11th-century motte-and-bailey castle, today ruined and overgrown; only fragments survive.  
Oystermouth Castle Norman castle is set on a hill overlooking Mumbles; beautiful coastal location with substantial remains. 


Painscastle Castle Norman impressive earthworks still dominate this site, including a large motte and steep ditches.
Parc Castell Norman Yes small earthwork castle set inside an Iron Age fort; D-shaped tower and enclosure still evident.
Pembridge Castle Norman Yes impressive, but much-restored castle; privately owned and not open to the public.
Pembroke Castle Norman massive, historic castle built by William Marshal; nearly complete and one of the best in Wales.
Pen y Bryn Welsh manor house with tower claimed by some to be the site of the lost palace of the Llywelyn Fawr
Pen y Castell Welsh Yes primitive castle of unknown history; earthworks with evidence of a tower survive.
Pen y Clawdd Castle Norman Yes a small, double-sided motte lies next to the Tudor manor house Penyclawdd Court; no known history.
Pen y Mwd Norman Yes small motte castle overlooking the site of the modern road bridge across the Conwy.
Pencader Castle Norman an imposing motte with ditches and a damaged bailey, likely built by Gilbert de Clare.
Pencelli Castle Norman Yes ruins of a square keep can be found behind the 16th-century Pencelli House.
Pencoed Castle Norman Yes later fortified manor house was built on the site of the original castle; large gatehouse & towers remain.
Penhow Castle Norman Yes restored fortified medieval manor house; privately owned and not open to the public.
Penllyn Castle Norman No early 12th-century castle; two surviving walls stand on the edge of a low cliff above the River Thaw.
Penlle'r Castle Norman Yes fortified site with evidence of drystone defended by deep ditches; history unknown.
Penmaen Castle Norman No excavations at the site have revealed a ringwork castle typical of the 12th-century.
Penmark Castle Norman substantial walls and a tower now covered in trees survive; badly ruined.
Pennard Castle Norman Yes sandswept castle set in a beautiful location on the Gower Peninsula; a single curtain wall still dominates, 
Pentrefoelas Castle Norman Yes some earthworks remain here on a scarped, natural hill with a kidney-shaped motte.
Penrice Castle Norman Yes impressive stone castle replaced a nearby motte; substantial remains of tower, keep & curtain wall.
Penrhos Castle Norman Yes typical motte surrounded by a bank and ditch; Administrative center of a sub-lordship of Abergavenny.
Picton Castle Norman Yes a large fortified manor house replaced the original castle; beautiful grounds and gardens.
Powis Castle Norman historic, beautiful castle modified over the centuries; outstanding grounds & gardens. One of the best.
Prestatyn Castle Norman Yes low lying motte with surrounding ditch; no evidence of a bailey or other structures.
Castell Prysor Norman natural boss of rock in a commanding location topped by a stone mound; originally revetted with drywalling.
Pulford Castle Norman Yes small motte-and-bailey boorder castle in Shropshire; motte and bailey are still visible.
Pulverbatch Castle Norman Yes earthwork motte and ditches are still visible; located in Shropshire.  


Raglan Castle Norman late medieval fortress transformed into a Tudor masterpiece; perhaps the most handsome castle in Wales.
Raglan Photo Tour Norman additional photos of Raglan featuring different parts of the castle.
Rhayader Castle Welsh Yes castle sited on natural crag overlooking the Wye; ditches and the site summit survive.
Rhos Ddiarbed Castle Norman No earthwork castle built by Roger de Montgomery in the late 11th century; motte and oval bailey survive.
Rhuddlan Castle Norman substantial castle built by Edward I; massive West Gatehouse is still impressive; historic site.
Rhyd y Gors Castle Norman No situated on a bluff overlooking the River Towy, south of Carmarthen; no traces of this castle remain.
Richard's Castle Norman Yes pre-invasion Norman castle; a section of keep wall and ditches survive.
Roch Castle Norman Yes 13th-century castle restored in the early 1900s; an impressive D-shaped tower rests on a rocky outcrop. 
Rogerstone Castle Norman Yes difficult to find; grass-covered motte survives; also referred to as Tribginlion.
Rumney Castle Norman Yes a small ringwork historically part of the marcher lordship of Gwynllwg; recently excavated.
Ruperra Castle English Yes early 17th-century fortified manor; not medieval; the castle grounds are listed.
Ruthin Castle Norman Yes historically significant castle now occupied by a grand hotel; some medieval masonry survives.


St Briavels Castle Norman Yes ringwork south of the church, with rubble curtain wall and fragments of square keep.
St Davids Castle Norman Yes partial ringwork and bailey was built to provide security for the Bishop of St Davids.
St Clears Castle Norman large motte-and-bailey castle; the motte still dominates the surrounding countryside; 
St Donats Castle Norman Yes 13th century castle is today the campus of United World College; portions of the medieval castle survive.
St Fagan's Castle Norman Yes medieval castle was replaced by a 17th-century mansion, now part of of the Welsh Folk Museum.
St Nicholas Castle Norman Yes large raised ringwork surrounded by a ditch, with traces of a rectangular bailey.
Sennybridge Castle Welsh Yes fragments of the south wall of a courtyard with a projecting round tower survive. 
Shrawardine Castle Norman Yes some masonry remains survive; most of the castle has been destroyed.
Shrewsbury Castle Norman Yes original castle founded by Roger de Montgomery has been restored principally to it's Edwardian state.
Skenfrith Castle Norman Yes low-lying fortress is still dominated by it's large, round keep; much of the curtain wall also survives. 
Stokesay Castle Norman a rare fortified manor house hardly altered since the late 13th century; a beautiful survival worth visiting.
Swansea Castle Norman Yes most of the castle has been swallowed by the city; some towers, blocks & walls survive.
Sycharth Castle Welsh impressive motte and earthworks still dominate the site that was once the court of Owain Glyndwr
Symon's Castle Norman Yes motte and evidence of a stone curtain wall; excavated site although little remains today to be seen. 


Tal-Y-Cafn Norman No small motte castle overlooking the site of the modern road bridge across the Conwy.
Castell Taliorum Norman Yes two castles here; mounds with some rubble masonry; disputed site.
Talyfan Castle Norman Yes overgrown ringwork castle near Cowbridge with traces of a wall 2m thick.
Talfolwern Castle Welsh No low-lying motte probably built by Owain Cyfeiliog.
Talley Castle Norman Yes motte castle located just north of the ruins of Talley Abbey; no known history.
Tenby Castle Norman Yes only fragments of the castle and town wall remain, most on a high rocky headland.
Castell Tinboeth Norman Yes few remains survive; a ditch surrounding an enclosure and a piece of curtain wall.
Tomen Castell Welsh Yes large motte castle traditionally the birthplace of Llywelyn ap Iorwerth; replaced by Dolwyddelan.
Tomen y Faerdre Norman impressive motte situated on a natural rock outcrop; recommended textbook motte.
Tomen y Mur Norman incredible multi-period site; large motte with bailey, Roman amphitheatre & Roman road.
Tomen y Rhodwydd Welsh built by Owain Gwynedd in 1149; large motte and bailey remain; recommended Welsh-built motte.
Trecastle Motte Norman Yes well preserved motte-and-bailey; tree-clad motte occupies the east half of a bailey.
Castell Trefadog Norman? No described as a probable castle; medieval fortification or earlier?
Trefeca Motte Norman No ruined motte-and-bailey; house now occupies the bailey and the motte is mostly destroyed. 
Tretower Castle & Court Norman large double keep and fragmented walls survive; late medieval Tretower Court is adjacent. 
Castell Troggy Norman Yes built by Roger Bigod III; some overgrown masonry ruins survive; access is difficult.
Trueman's Hill Norman Yes earth and timber motte-and-bailey; tree-clad motte survives.
Tump Terrett Castle Norman Yes large motte survives along with a single section of ditch; part of the Norman lordship of Usk.
Twmpath Castle Norman Yes steep motte surrounded by a ditch covered in trees and vegetation. Two legends exist for this site. 
Twthill Castle Norman aka Old Rhuddlan; very large motte survives; former Welsh royal seat; recommended textbook motte. 
Tyddyn Mount Norman Yes small earthwork motte about 2 miles southeast of Mold; tree-clad motte survives.


Upton Castle Norman Yes 13th-century castle/fortified manor house w/19th-century alterations; gardens open to the public.
Usk Castle Norman substantial castle surrounded by beautiful gardens. Lots of medieval features to explore here. 
Vaynor Motte Norman Yes a small D-shaped motte with traces of a round masonry tower; no known history.
Walwyn's Castle Norman Yes motte-and-bailey built within an Iron Age hillfort; substantial earthworks survive.
Welshpool Castle Welsh Yes motte lies close to the railway station; may be the site built by Cadwgan ap Bleddyn.
Weobley Castle Norman Yes 14th-century castle substantially rebuilt by Rhys ap Thomas. Much of his castle remains.
Weobley Castle, England Norman Yes enclosure castle with some surviving earthworks; evidence of a gateway and towers. 
White Castle Norman Yes lovely stone castle surrounded by a moat; towers and most of the curtain wall survives.
Whittington Castle Norman Yes outer bailey gatehouse and a length of adjoining curtain wall survive.
Wigmore Castle Norman Mortimer family castle recently restored; motte is still impressive and some towers remain. 
Wilton Castle Norman Yes substantial masonry castle survives built primarily in the 12th and 13th centuries. 
Wiston Castle Norman steep motte topped by a round keep overlooks a large bailey; recommended textbook M&B. 
Y Foelas Castle Norman large tree-covered motte with two baileys survive near Pentrefoelas. Bring your OS map!
Ystradowen Motte Norman Yes medium-sized motte just west of the church with evidence of a ditch.

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