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Pencelli Castle

Powys, Mid-Wales

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Text & photo above copyright 1997 by Paul M. Remfry
Other photographs copyright 2005 by Malcolm Ranson

Pencelli Castle was probably built in the late eleventh century by Ralph Baskerville and probably saw service in the war of 1093 to 1099. Robert, the last Baskerville lord of Pencelli, seems to have died around 1210, perhaps as a victim of William Braose's war that occurred in Central Wales that summer. His lands then passed through his daughters to the Le Wafre family, but were seized by Reginald Braose in 1215. The Le Wafre's regained seisin, but lost the castle to rebel and Welsh forces in 1233. The castle was rebuilt and probably taken again in 1262. It was recovered by 1273, after which the twin towered gatehouse might have been built by Roger Mortimer Junior who had acquired the castle probably through his father's agency. The fortress was seized by the king in 1322 and probably fell into decay soon afterwards. Today the ruins of the great square keep can still be made out behind the hotel which itself dates to 1584.


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