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Castle Reference Sources

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The titles and sources mentioned below represent some of the best materials available today on the medieval castles of Wales and Britain, and the majority of the titles are still in print. Specifically:

Reference and educational materials, as well as individual castle guidebooks, can be obtained from CADW - Welsh Historic Monuments. Other castle titles can be ordered from Blackwell's Bookshop in Oxford and on Amazon.com, two of the world's premier book sellers. Happy hunting!

Catherine Armstrong has contributed an extensive bibliography of medieval resources which is found at the end of her essay on William Marshal here at the Castles of Wales web site.

The Castles of Wales is also grateful to have as one of its contributors, historian Paul Remfry. Mr. Remfry is the author of a series of booklets, several of which focus on castles found in the Welsh Marches and the conflicts that arose between Marcher Lords and native Welsh rulers. Select this link to view a list of Mr. Remfry's published materials.

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